About the AskHistorians Archive Observer

This is an unofficial archive of the subreddit /r/AskHistorians. It's ad-free, works on mobile, loads fast, and doesn't need JS.


Posts are sorted in reverse chronological order and filtered to show only those with accepted answers. It only contains posts made after 2014-01-01 for now.


Made by Rafael with 🦀. Check out my other projects:

The source code is available on GitHub, where you can report bugs and request features as well. You can also find me on lemmy if you don't have a GitHub account.

Project Status

The project is pretty much done for now. I'm actively reviewing pull requests, and I might revisit it in the future if enough people request changes :) Here are some ideas for improvements:

Your Own Subreddit Archive

You can generate your own site for another subreddit! Have a look at the README for instructions on compiling the project - hit me up on lemmy if you'd like me to upload pre-compiled binaries.