Native American Book Recommendations?

by catbirdfish

Hi! I'm on the hunt for more book recommendations about pre-Columbian history for my dad. He's long been fascinated by Native American history (in particular Mississippian, and more specifically the Arkansan area. The Plum Bayou Mound Archaeological State Park, for example, is on his "want to go to" list). He has never really had the means to learn more, due to time and monetary constraints. I aim to remedy that for him.

I bought him 1491 a couple years ago, and for Christmas this year, I got him Life and Death at Windover by Rachel k. Wentz. I have Maize for the Gods, and Timothy Pauketat's Cahokia on my "To Gift Dad" list, which I got from the Ask Historians reading list. Besides more of Mr. Pauketat's books, who are some other authors that are exceptional? On top of factual books, specific to our area (Arkansas) Native American spirituality/myth recommendations would also be appreciated.

He likes factual stuff, and he's a pretty logical person. He's a really slow, methodical reader (but apparently devoured 1491! I'd never seen him read a book that fast before). He's enjoying the Windover book currently.

I appreciate any assistance! Thanks so much!


I'm going to recommend some of my favorites below, in a rough order of increasing difficulty for an absolute newbie.

Hope this helps you find him books!