Why do old American movies often show Swedish women as ditzy and promiscuous?

For some reason it seem to be a trope in American movies, particularly comedies from around 1970-2000, to portray Swedish women as sexy, promiscuous, and somewhat dopey. It seems like a weird stereotype to hold about a straight-laced Lutheran country most Americans rarely think about. Where did this come from?

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My apartment block got levelled during the Blitz. What am I entitled to after reconstruction ? Exact same size apartment ? Do I need to pay for it myself ?

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Was Christine Chubbuck trying to make a political statement with her suicide on television?

Most of the comments on this discussion focus on depression and suicide and how terrible it is that she traumatized so many people by doing it live. But this comment states that she specifically requested the broadcast be recorded that day (when it usually wasn't) and in her suicide note, asked that it be released to the public. Is there more context to this act related to the time period, war protests, the rise of television, and violent and bloody war footage being broadcast for the first time?

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Why have a good amount of Empires (ie Ottoman, Persian, Macedonian) occupied what is now Northern Iraq?

Areas such as Modern day Istanbul and Egypt make sense but why Northern Iraq? I get it’s very arable but outside of that I don’t see that much value in it.

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How does Bollywood’s treatment of the Vedas differ from the original texts?

Movies and shows based on the Vedas have historically been extremely popular in India. The Vedas themselves have been popular for thousands of years.

A reinterpretation of the original source material would therefore serve to illustrate changing Hindu religious ideas and Indian cultural ideas.

Can anyone help me out, or let me know where to start on this topic? Thank you!

I would also be interested in the treatment of the Vedas under the British control. Might there have been popular theater-productions?

To be clear I am asking specifically about material over 20 years ago!!!

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Did the Sumerians Understand the Relationship Between Alcohol and the Liver?

I was watching a recent episode of "Tasting History" on YouTube about ancient Sumerian beer and came across something that struck me as odd. A few times in the video, when referencing Sumerian texts, he mentions the word "liver," notably in a song at the 17 minute mark.

I know in the modern age we don't often give enough credit to the knowledge of ancient civilizations, but the notion that ancient Sumerians understood what alcohol actually was and which organ of the body dealt with it feels a bit far-fetched.

Could this just be the translator taking liberties for the sake of comprehension, or did the Sumerians actually understand human anatomy and metabolism to this extent?

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Friday Free-for-All | December 30, 2022



You know the drill: this is the thread for all your history-related outpourings that are not necessarily questions. Minor questions that you feel don't need or merit their own threads are welcome too. Discovered a great new book, documentary, article or blog? Has your Ph.D. application been successful? Have you made an archaeological discovery in your back yard? Did you find an anecdote about the Doge of Venice telling a joke to Michel Foucault? Tell us all about it.

As usual, moderation in this thread will be relatively non-existent -- jokes, anecdotes and light-hearted banter are welcome.

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Did ancient Greeks view Homer’s epics as true?

To what degree did Homer’s original audience view his epics as depicting real events and real people, versus understanding them as fiction? Would they have viewed them as “historical fiction” where invented characters act within real historical circumstances? Especially, how did they view the actions of the gods in the Homeric epics? Did they view those actions as what they actually did or only as invented actions that are consistent with what they understood their characteristics to be (sort of like fanfic…?)

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When and by whom was an atomic bomb first theorized and what lead to the US making it such a priority?

I'm currently reading a biography of Oppenheimer, specifically the time of the Manhattan Project and was wondering where the theory that an atomic bomb was feasible came from? Specifically by whom and also how did the US know it was such an important goal of the Nazis, hence leading to the US putting in such an effort to create one first.

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Did the Middle East truly become more religious/conservative in the late 90s due to western involvement?

Everything I mention here are things that I’ve heard anecdotally, so you’ll have to forgive me if I say anything that is glaringly wrong or inaccurate. It’s my understanding that the Middle East was (comparatively) more progressive than it was today, with more openness in regards to women’s place in society, no requirements to wear the hijab, etc. I see evidence for this in Saudi (I grew up there and go back regularly), having heard stories from people who have lived there since well before I was born. I see a lot of rhetoric online about how the shift to more cultural conservatism, close mindedness, lack of education in Afghanistan, forced hijab, etc all the issues we see there today, only came about after US involvement (in Afghanistan, the gulf war, what have you). Is this true? Are they suggesting that the US’s forcing of “western democratic values” on the ME essentially backfired and resulted in a more extreme sense of conservatism as a result? Or the fact that the US basically created Al Qaida (I think?) Or is this narrative a result of modern liberal US society’s general hatred and distaste of everything US/capitalist/democratic?

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what were the urban life like at the mesoamerican region before the spanish came?

how lively was it? what buildings are there? what can i see inside their buildings? what furnitures are there? do they have an establishment where people eat like a tavern or an eatery?? do they have indoor stores? blacksmiths or a building where someone makes weapons??? do they have government buildings?? brothels??

i'm making a dnd campaign based on the mesoamerican culture and i want to put as much content as possible in the urban settlements while being somewhat accurate. like, i don't want to put something that the mesoamericans doesn't have but i want to improved upon something they already have just to make it more fantastical.

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Why is the capital of Russia Moscow?

Why didn’t they move it back to St. Petersburg after the USSR collapsed?

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Was there ever talks about a Marshall Plan Equivalent for Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

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How did Charles the Bold travel between his territories while being at war with France ?

How did he get from Burgundy to Flanders during his campaigns ? Did he travelled at all ?

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Why isn’t the Khmer Rouge genocide as well known/taught as the Holocaust?

It sometimes feels like the Khmer Rouge genocide is swept under the rug. Almost everyone knows the story of Hitler and Nazi Germany, but the Khmer Rouge is comparatively unknown even though millions were still killed. In American schools we also always read about Holocaust books and have dedicated months to studying WW2, but almost nothing about the Khmer Rouge.

Additionally, how come the US didn’t help stop the genocide?

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What happened to Thisbe, Marie Antoinette’s dog, after she was executed?

It seems from a quick internet search, there’s varying stories about what happened to Thisbe, whether he was killed during her execution or lived a long life with her children. Is there any definitive evidence of what truly happened to him?

On another note, have there been other cases of a dog surviving it’s executed owner? What happened to it then?

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What would post-battle pursuit have looked like in the American Civil War?

As I understand, in Europe, after an enemy force was defeated, post-battle pursuit would be conducted by heavy cavalry armed with sabers and lances. The armies in the American Civil War, to my understanding, lacked a comparable heavy cavalry force, with most of their horsemen being mounted rifles. Would these mounted rifles have conducted the pursuit, or would it be conducted in a different manner, if at all (looking at you, McClellan)?

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When did BCE/CE become a thing?

Are there any historical records marking the official switch to the Christian system of yearkeeping? Was the first day of the first year self aware of its novelty, or was this system set in place retroactively?

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What is the historical background of the mormon prohibition on coffee? What was coffee's reputation among Joseph Smith's milleu during Mormonism's inception? Was it commonly believed to be an "indulgent" drink like alcohol, or was it viewed as we view it now?

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2 part question. How poor was the hygiene of the middle age commoner? and if bad, did they participate in fellatio?

I'm having a debate about whether or not people from the 16th century (technically early modern era, not middle ages) participated in oral sex.

I was proven wrong because there is obvious evidence from the Kamasutra that people were doing a lot more than just oral. But my thought process was that the common man/woman likely had very poor hygiene thus making the act itself unbearable. Can't find anything online about what kind of sex the 16th century common man took part in.

So, how bad was their hygiene? And did they participate in fellatio?

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Was the Great Wall of China effective?

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Have police forces ever made a large contribution in an armed conflict?

Specifically referring to police forces as we currently understand them; not militia or city patrols.

It's a staple of most developed nations to have armed police patrolling the streets; have these police groups ever made a contribution in an armed conflict? It feels like having a number of local citizens armed and ready to respond to violence would make taking a town more difficult.

I'm wondering if there are any great instances or examples of police forces putting up a struggle or resistance against invaders, or making a difference in an armed conflict.

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Where do you guys find your sources?

Comments to these questions always are extremely well explained and often with multiple seemingly super reliable sources. Is there a site or repository where one can find books on any given academic topic that I'm missing out on? Or do you all just have super computers for brains haha.

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When is the first report of someone performing a backflip?

When I spend an afternoon jumping off cliffs or swings into creeks and waterholes I often wonder how ancient of a leisure activity it is. Was such enjoyment felt by my pre-human ancestors? Part of this fun is in performing flips. Are there anthropological reports of hunter gatherers groups performing such tricks? I would love to know if any of you have encountered a report of someone’s backflip long before the modern age of tricks for internet points.

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What was the protective coating applied to American tanks crossing the Atlantic during WW2?

Apologies if this is too specific, but I'm working through my grandfather's letters back home during WW2, and in one he goes into detail on a protective coating he called "cogmodine" (he admits he doesn't know how to spell it) which was used to preserve tanks and other machines as they crossed the ocean. Apparently it had to be carefully removed after landing and he claims he saw instances of the material getting the way of combat operations on multiple occasions. He refers to it as a sort of black tar.

He has unfortunately passed away so I'm not able to ask him directly. Any help would be appreciated!

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